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Everu one needs backpack for college, school and Office. Today i am going to show you some owesome backpacks which are available in pakistan and you need you but them as soon as poosible. Few years ago the school bags were very Simple and Limite in design. bUT with the passage of time all the bags are upgraded to latest ones. Like as you know when we were kid we use to carry books in bags. those bags were very Simple in design like they had only 2 compartments one is for books and the other one was for lucnk boxe. But now even School bag or Kids are upgraded to latest. Now these bags has the latest design wit godod wuality material , a separete compartments for the kids needs like Note books, lunch box also having the Water bottle Pocket on both sides. many types of Kids bigs are availble in market like with the modern technique now you have the choice as ell to print your favorite cartoon charachter or even your pcture on the Bag. Now coming to college life, we usally use the backpacks for our Books and laptops. Nowadays More than 80% of backpacks are coming in market with the option of laptop and tablet as well. These type of college backpacks have many separete compartments for your books, laptop and tablets. The Qauality of athese backpakcs differs from bag to bag like its differnr to find good bag ata cheaest proce is little hard, but thanks to Online shopping in pakistan. Mostly online shopping websites are selling good quality bags at rasonable rates few of them are Elevenpk, Daraz,pk and zareenpk. The quality if these bags area quite good becasue mostly of them are imported from China. As we all knoe china is the best Supplier for Bags, but if you want a bag fro China you have to soend a lot of money for just a single peace like delivery charges, Delivery time and all that. Ali baba is one of the largest OnliNE Shopping wensite in China and perfoming its operation world wide. you can also get o=your backpack from alli baba or ali express too. But it takes a week to be delivered at yourr home.Thats why keeping in mind mostly Shopping Sites in Pakistan get their Products from china and deleivers to its customer with in 3 – 4 Days. Also its Cost effective as well. So i prefferd you shop for the bags from the sites i mentioned to you above. ..

The reason i am preffting you becasue as compared to previous years now online shopping in pakistan is geting better and better. These online shopping websites have many good quality products also they are offering good delevery options. Eleven pk is offering free home delivery but the othre sites are charging some little amount on cash on delivery. Be frankly i dont have to much knowledge about Darazpk and Zareen,ok that are they import their products or Making by itself but as my concerned to Elevenpk, thet imports quality Bags froM china and also the best part of their business is that they are offering free home delivery all across Pakistan. So its your Choice to shop Quality Leather Bags from Eleven or Else where. So Few Peoples in pakisran are choosing Leather bags the reaosn is, because mostly leather basg are Expensive to buy. Thses leatehr bags are expensive but they coes with pure leaher and will last for several years as compare to other Bags. Currently mostly peoples are preffing Ant theft Backapck and Convertible Backpack. The anti theft backpack is very unique backpack like it completely safe from theft. These bags have zipper at the back of the bag. so only you can open it if you are wearing the bag. These bags are also have external Usb port wcih helps you to charge cell phone any where & Any time. These backapcks have very unique design and thats why they are in grear demands. Now coming to Convertible backpack as The convertible means you have the choice to use it either as a Backpack or a Profeesional Shoulder bag. The convertibel shoulder backpack is very unique in design and Shape. Eleven was the only one in paksitan who launched this convertible backpack in pakistan. If you have too much stuff in the bag and feels hard to carry so just convert it to backpack and wear it and you are easy to go. Now the demandas for bag are increasing day by day, thats why many Bag Maunufactures are making the bags according to the needs of consumers, now the bag with good qualities includes a separate compartment for books and a separate for a laptop too. These bag have alos Exterior Compartments for your Accessoies like Mobile chargers and more. The Interior compartment of bag also includes many pockets inside for your tablet , mobiles and Pens. They peoples who doing jobs in a company or running a company prefers a laptop hand bag, becsue it looks proffesional. IF you are a traveller or love to Explore the world, for that you also neef a backpack for you rclothers shpes accsories and hiking stuff. If you want the backpack then i prefer you should buy 60L Travel backpack. thsi bag has a huge storage space of 60l, which will help you carry as much stuff as you want. The travel backpack are quite Costy due to its stoarage Capacity. Its perfect the peerfect travelling and hiking backpack for you.
The variteis of colour are also avaible with these bags. Here’s the Few Best Backpack and Latop bags for 2018..

Antitheft Backpack
The antithft is one of the Top Selling Brand in Pakistan, the Beatuifu Antitheft backpack is Launced by the eleven pk at the first time in paksitan. These backpacks have very Unique Design and available in Grey and Black color These bags are completely Safe and Secure from Theft like I said above that these backacks has the Zipper at the bakside along withh Usb charging slot. These backpacks are made of Best Quality Material. Now coming to its specification the bag is availe in three colors. Black, grey and Pink Black. This backpack has a Small Zipper Pocket at the strip of its Bakside. benath The strips the bag features a mini Compartments for your Accessories or Stuff etc. The bag has one main Compartment which can be open from backside, This Main Comaprtments have 5 Extra Mini Compartments. One Comapartmetns id design for Specially for laptopp, second Compartment if designed for tablets. There are two Pockets at the Front of Tbalet Compartment specailly design froy your Cell phone and Powerbanks, it also features a mii comparmenat in the main section which can be use for keeping your Pens, staplers etc. All the Bag is MADE UP of Genuine Polyester Which is completely safe for wash. its the perfec backpack for College These bags are famous beasue of two qualitirs the main Quality of the bag is its fully Antitheft and secondary it has a cahrging slot. hUST PUT the powerbank inside the backpack and connet to its external usb port and charge your mobile or tablet wth zero worries, the bag is fully water resisrant. Now you dont have to worry about your stuff like laptip and tabletand mobiles from rain becasue it genuine qualiy poluestet keep you rbag completely water. tHE BAG has velcro inside the mnain co partment which let you oipen the bag according to your need.. Due to many fucntions in single backpack the bah is quite costly if you shop from Amazon or ali express, but Elevenpk is one and only company inpakistan who are givinf this Unique backpack at just rupess 2499, with free home Delivery.

Convertibel Backpack
Here i am gonan tell you about the Convertible Backpack, For the First time in Pakistan only Eleven is bringinh you this Beautiful Conertibe Backpack as the Convertible Mean (able to be changed in form, function, or character.). the bag is specially made for Profesionl as well as foe ollege students. If yoiu are student just Simply waer as abackpcak but if yoi are business man just simple carry it as a handbag, yes the bag has External Handgrip at the left side if the pocket which allows you to carry the bag as a laptop handbag. The bag is madeupof good qualkity material whcih is totally rain resistant. it also means taht your mlaptop is fully safew from water. The bag has two side clips at the top and bottom of the bag, where you can attach the sholuder belt. now starts from its exernal desgh the bag has 2 compartment and pouch pockets with zip at fornt of the bag. This bag has so many pockets that make it dissicult to count. SO Its simpy means the bag has 4 External sections at the outside, now go to The internal deisgn The bag has a 1 main compartments where is a separate place for books as well . You can keeps your Books too in the sepatrate compartment for Books. The bag has one comapartment for Laptop and one for Tablet,both the Laptop and Tablet Compartment are made up of Soft wuality Material which protects your laptop from exterbal shocks and the front of tablet compartment thesre are two extra sections one is for Your files or the otherones is specially dsign for you rMobiles acceesories. This bag is not antitheft but it has a antitheft hiden section at back of the bag, the hide section has a small pockets at the both sides. where you can put your money or flash drive to keep it copletely safe and secure. The bag also features heavy duty Zipp for long term Performance this unique convertible ackpack is only availbe at 2499 only…..