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How to clean and care for your leather handbags

We all are investing in designer handbags, which give us a classy look. Especially as its value we definitely have increased number of leather handbags. However, we care and keep our handbag in a good shape; people won’t be willing to pay as much for it.

1 Clean your bag regularly

Clean your bag regularly

Whether it’s new or old, as well as protecting your bag, habitual cleaning is a must. For a daily use you must clean your bag twice a week. But naturally bags will need a more thorough clean by a professional or using dedicated cleaning product every month to keep them in top form.

Whenever we buy something new, we always want to keep it in perfect condition and the best place to keep it safe. We recommend using leather safety cream as soon as you take it home. It adds a protective layer for leather that keeps away for the dirt and sustains its surface from tear.

2 Only use specialist leather cleaners

 leather cleaners

Most of the time use shampoo or other creamy product to wash our bag, due to this our handbags turn in a bad condition. Never use baby wipes, vinegar or any other thing for cleaning. Many of these products have chemicals that can cause drying or color loss. If your handbag came with a dust bag, use it make it clean.

3.Keep your bag stuffed

 bag stuffed

Always stuff your bag with some papers or clothes it will help to retain in shape. When handbags are not in use, stuff your bag with old clothing to help keep its shape.
Some special spray and oil are available in market to keep the leather but this oil or other product is not good for handbags. Use of natural oils from moisturizers can damage the leather and cause it to discolor. Protecting your leather will help, to keep it classy for a long time.

4 Use a handbag hook

handbag hook

When you go on a feast or any occasion, a classic clutch tends to be the right size to place behind you in your chair at the small of your back. It will give a better look even enhance your fashion sense. Alternatively, you could use a handbag hook meant to keep your bag safe from wet tables. Now with the clutch hook and chain are available which give a better look to a hang bag.

5 Make sure the lid’s on

Make sure the lids on

A cluster of lipstick, pens, water bottles and even foundation not only damage your day but can ruin your bag too. When we’re in a rush, we are throwing everything in our bag and not checking if they’re sealed properly. Take time to put pens in a pencil case, your make-up and the other items like water bottle in a bag and check your hang bag properly. When you keep hand bag in sun shine or any warm place like near with heater it causes color fading and damage to the leather, try to avoid heaters and direct sunlight.

                                                  Misconception About Designer Handbags

Women are very selective they will be particular and choosy while they do it and they try to match their handbags, now designer handbags are surrounded by everyone that has been frequent used or now be the part of fashion.

Some of those facts are totally fake or have little truth that is also twisted. Some misconception creates wrong impact on customer mind. Here are some of those misconceptions that are explained for your better understanding:

1. All designer handbags are expensive with serial numbers

designer handbags

Now brands are used by common person even good branded hand bag is affordable. This is a wrong as even fake handbag manufacturers can produce serial numbers and tags. You should know that just because the bag comes with a validity card doesn’t mean it is real.

Although some designer handbags are expensive, this doesn’t mean that all of them are too expensive for the common people. It takes only a little saving to gain an original designer handbag. All the bags are not expensive even a common person could purchase a branded bag.

2.High price designer handbags have warranties

High price designer handbags

This is totally false since most designer bags don’t have warranties because these bags are often made of stuff like leather whose value may decrease over time. Some people tend to believe that the only way you can attain designer handbags is throughout placing orders. These handbags’ hardware may look like gold but it’s not always gold.

Some of that hardware is just painted with a gold colored paint. This is not true as even the talented designer cloth lines can produce authentic designer handbags. This is not true that cheap bags are fake and the market condition, a handbag can be sold at a low price in spite of being very authentic.

3 The bags have to pass test for authenticity


No matter how genuine it is, any handbag can get well done or there is no surety test about bag authenticity. Trying this test will end up destroying even a genuine bag because leather and cotton are flammable.

Most of the countries are making branded handbags but this doesn’t mean that companies don’t produce good handbags. They are having surety about their good stuff. They used good material like leather, so there is no need to test authenticity.

4.The best designer handbags are designed by natural designers

natural designers

This is not true design is a process of developing something is totally from the actual designer. Now designer are working in a same brand. A single brand is used by different designers. Unique Designing is learnt from watching and creative thinking.

                                                                 Most demanded handbags

Ladies handbag is a reliable and very unique here are some given the Most demanded handbags. You cannot manage yourself without the prefect hand bag. Because the Most demanded handbags can carries a lot or items in it.

In the event that you asked a lady, the importance of her handbags, you just look at her and you come to know the importance of a bag. A bag can tell tons about a girl who is conveying it and mange her style and fashion. At last, a handbag is intended to hold things that you believe it can keep your requirements.

1. Chloe Nile

Chloe Nile

This bag is perhaps about the highest in-demand and Most demanded handbags. The Nile’s popularity is increasing day by day. It is very stylish and unique. With a price of over Dh6,000 the Chloe Nile doesn’t come cheap.
If you can’t afford it, we recommend checking out some of the high-street designs that have taken inspiration from the original. One of the most everlasting and stylish handbags you could invest in and select for yourself because it is added in the list of Most demanded handbags.

2. Sophie Hulme Albion Tote

Sophie Hulme

British designer Sophie Hulme creates bags that she knows how to make Most demanded handbags. Her Albion tote wasn’t just designed to look good on the arms of models and celebrities, but to last, making it value the investment.
The bag features are amazing, which is almost impossible to make it down. This bag is very demanding and made by pure leather. All of her materials were sourced in Europe and the bags handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen.
So the efforts of company and investment that makes it different. There’s no machinery involved in the process. Invest in this bag in 2018 and it will look even better by 2020.

3. Dior J’adior

Dior J’adior

The J’adior bag was the first to be designed by new creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, and true to her design style it makes a statement.
Her style is very unique and demanded among the people. The bag comes in three designs, all finished with the gold plated J’adior motif on the frontage.

4. Burberry DK88

burberry dk88

When they introduced the DK88 Burberry that brand was very famous among the many people. It is very stylish and gives you a different look for any event. But the stylish accessory seems to be making its mark and increase its value.
This bag is attracting the attentions of everyone in any event. Burberry has openly admitted over the last few seasons that it is struggling with making profits. But they have done a great job now they are making the most demanded handbags.

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